Thursday, 1 May 2014


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Last month saw the launch of new social media platform GlamST, created by two talented ladies from Uruguay. Aimed specifically at those who are interested in make-up, their mission is to provide an online tool for creating and sharing virtual make-up looks and in turn, helping people buy the right product with the help of it's users and features. GlamST's virtual makeover tool uses smart technology to show you what make-up products will look like. If you're into trying before buying, then this could be great for you. Have you always been too afraid to try out a bold-coloured mascara? You can test it out using the makeover tool, and see for yourself how it suits your eye colour and skin tone. To use the makeover tool as effectively as possibly, take a clear and high quality photo of yourself. Upload the photo and adjust the dots to frame your face, eyes and lips as prompted on screen. Et voila! Let's go on and talk about the newly added features available for you to try: Looks and Eyes.

The Looks section of the website is where you can save and share your own make-up creations. You can also see the virtual makeovers of other users and find out exactly what products they used. For instance, if you see a makeover with a gorgeous shade of pink lipstick that you'd love to try out for yourself, simply click on the photo and go to Info. Clicking this will show you all of the products used to achieve a look! With a simple click of the 'Try' button, the look you've chosen will be tested on your own photo. You can even tell someone 'Go, Girl!', to show them you really like what they've got going on. Liking and sharing looks on GlamST itself, or to your other social media platforms is super easy and one click away.

The Eyes section of the site was my favourite part. If I had to choose to wear only one make-up item for the rest of my life, it would be good old liquid liner. I thoroughly enjoyed trying on various eyeliners and experimenting with different shapes and styles. If you usually apply your eyeliner with a light hand, why not try something new and see if you would suit a heavier application, and vice versa? If you don't feel brave enough to try a certain look, then you can always just use this tool for fun. Personally, I think this is a great tool for experimenting and seeing what a product looks like if you can't make it to your nearest make-up retailer. Sign up today and give it a go!

If you'd like to see future make-up creations from me using GlamST, you can follow me on Pinterest or Twitter. Stay up to date with all things glam by following the official GlamST Twitter.

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