Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Escada Cherry In The Air

Behold! My first ever fragrance review. I'll start with something I love: the fabulous but limited edition Escada Cherry In The Air (30ml / £24.50). I've always been a massive fan of Escada fragrance in general. My Mum used to own a couple of scents from the fashion fragrance line, and ever since I smelled them, I've always loved 'em. I can safely say that every single Escada perfume I have ever had the pleasure to smell has been absolutely beautiful. My favourite kind of scents are fruity, fun, tropical and sweet. Launched in 2013, Cherry In The Air smells like - you guessed it - cherries! I am now on my second bottle of it, and it's in second place behind my all time favourite, Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier 'Love Kills Slowly'. With it's gorgeous fruity-floral scent, it's an absolute winner for me. I'm hopeless at describing what exactly I can detect in a fragrance - the top notes, base notes and all that jazz. Here's what The Perfume Shop have to say about it: heart notes of marshmallow, gardenia petals and coconut orchid, top notes of black cherry, raspberry and mandarin, and base notes of sandalwood, suede accord and oakwood. That all sounds all lovely jubbly, but I'll bet you want to know what the staying power is like. To be honest, I have never came across a perfume that lasted on me the whole day as far as I can tell. Maybe they do last and I'm just so used to the scent that I can't smell it anymore. Maybe I'm walking by people and they think "her perfume smells amazing" 6 hours later. I don't mind re-applying perfume in the slightest, so it doesn't bother me spritzing on some more every couple of hours if I remember to. If you love your perfume sweet and fruity, you'll love this beauty from Escada. I am hoping and praying this Escada makes this permanent, but that might not happen. If you're interested, buy it while you can!

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  1. I had a sample of this, and it smelt divine. Can't wait to actually buy it! :)


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