Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Boots/Superdrug Haul

Bad Naomii. You've gone and done it again. I literally cannot pass Boots or Superdrug without getting sucked in and having a peek, which then always leads to some kind of purchase. I'm supposed to be saving money up to pay off my credit cards as quickly as possible, but no. I honestly do find it extremely hard NOT to buy things. Know what I say? I say you only live once, and if I want to buy make-up when I don't need it, then I will. Who's with me?! Weeeeee!
(P.S. Bear in mind that I bought these in-store in Boots and Superdrug. Where the product is not available on it's respective website, I have linked elsewhere if you are interested in purchasing your own.)

I was instantly drawn in by the packaging of the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers (12M / £3.00). MUA packaging is pretty basic usually, so these guys really jumped out at me. The simple black & gold box definitely says 'luxe' to me, for a drugstore brand anyway. I think this is the one out of the bunch that I'm most excited to try out. The reason being is that I swatched it on my inner arm, and literally had to scrub it SO hard to get the product off of my skin. So MUA, I'm expecting mind-blowing staying power from this! Also, can we please just appreciate the beautiful shade that I got? It's called Criminal, and that my friends, is one criminally bright shade of pink. Just wait til you see the swatches in my up and coming review. To die for!

The other item I picked up from MUA is their Powder Blusher in Bon Bon (2.4g / £1.00). It's a matte, medium-pink shade and comes in classic MUA-style packaging. This would be great for taking in your travel make-up kit, as it's just so dinky and compact. It looks like it's going to have great colour pay-off, but only testing it out will tell. Just imagine if it turns out that I love this - I could go out and buy every single shade in the current MUA Powder Blusher range for a measly £12! I am far too excited for this prospect.

Next up, we have a product that I've seen literally everywhere. The hype was too much. The Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser in Cocoa Radiant (190ml / £4.99) is supposed to be a super-quick way of keeping your skin silky-smooth. I admit I completely neglect my body when it comes to moisturising, as I am too damn lazy and it always bugs me having to wait until it's dried in before I can put clothes on. Apparently you can put your clothes on straight after you've applied this. Sounds good to me! I picked up this one in particular because it looked yummy and chocolately.

Another product I've seen around the beauty blogger circuit a fair bit is the own-brand Superdrug Coconut Oil (125ml / £2.29). Every review I've read for this has been positive, so I've wanted to try this for quite a while too. It's a multi-purpose product that you can use on the skin and hair. It's supposedly brilliant for dry patches which I have a couple of. For your locks, you can adopt it as a hair and scalp mask, or a leave-in conditioner. This wee dude is also vegan-friendly, if you're into that kind of thing.

The fourth and final thing I got from Superdrug was the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99). This purchase was a long time coming, as I'd like to see how a beauty blender/sponge-type product performs up against a conventional foundation brush. I already know that Real Techniques have brilliant brushes, as their Buffing Brush is my holy-grail, dear-lord-this-is-amazing favourite brush of all time, ever. I love the cute orange colour of this sponge and am curious to see if it's various edges and contours do what they're supposed to.

Moving on to what I picked up in Boots, we have the Seventeen Cheek Stamp in Stare Struck (3.2g / £4.99). I was interested to see how effective this stamping method is (it's literally like a stamp) for applying the blush. Is it just a futile gimmick, or does it actually work and give you a desirable blusher look? I can envisage myself having to blend the blush out further with another brush once I have applied it with the stamp, but we shall see. I have never came across such a concept before, so keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts.

Seventeen is a brand I have never purchased anything from for myself, as I always had this thing in my head that it was aimed more towards teeny boppers. It appears as if they've 'grown-up' and to be perfectly honest, their new style of packaging drew me in. I haven't bought a new foundation in ages, so I picked up the On The Spot Foundation in Fair (30ml / £6.99). Fair appears to be the third palest shade in this range, and after swatching it on my arm, think I could probably be doing with the second lightest shade, Soft Ivory. Obviously I won't be able to properly tell until I apply it to my face. Their lightest shade Porcelain looks pretty pale from what I can tell from the Boots website. You're always better trying foundation out in-store and seeing how the colour appears on your skin in natural lighting. Go outside and see though, as the lighting in-store is artificial.

Finally, another new-ish product I've seen being talked about is the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm (2.5g / £5.99). Yep, it's another one of those bloody lipstick/stain/balm hybrid thingies that you see everywhere, especially by drugstore brands. The shade I picked up is I Want Candy!, which is a beautifully bright, candy pink colour. The product itself actually has a vanilla/candy scent too, or to me it does anyway. I don't think my scent-detecting skills are the most reliable, as I always doubt myself when I describe a fragrance. I'm forever thinking to myself, does it REALLY smell like that or am I just imagining things? Anyone else have that problem?

I hope you enjoyed this medium-sized haul. I can't wait to try each and every one of these products out! If you have tried anything shown here, let me know how it worked for you in the comments. Keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming reviews too. :)
Have a wonderful day,

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  1. I'm really wanting to try that Vaseline spray! :) Love the haul! x

  2. I've been liking it so far. :) Review to come! Thanks


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