Thursday, 20 March 2014

MAC Brush Cleanser

Cleaning my brushes is an integral part of my make-up application routine. For years (and I am ashamed to say this), I would use the same ol' dirty brush over and over again. I was unaware back then just how important it is to take care of your brushes, and that you are infact taking an extra step in taking care of your skin. Dirty brushes harbour bacteria, grime, dirt, oil, old-make-up - you name it. All the gross stuff that you do not want to be putting back onto your freshly cleansed skin, will lie on your brushes until you properly and effectively clean them. This for me, is where the MAC Brush Cleanser (235ml / £10) comes in. A purpley-pink liquid, it provides brilliant grime-busting results and leaves your brushes looking as good as new. The instructions on the back state "apply to damp brushes and work through. Rinse well, reshape and lay flat to dry". I personally use this for spot cleaning and just cleaning my brushes inbetween use in general, but you can also use it in deep cleaning. I apply the product to a piece of kitchen roll, and clean my brushes in that way. I am probably a bit over-zealous in how much I pour out, and as you've seen, this cleanser for some is considered costly. Rest assured though, that a little does go a long way. My brushes have never been damaged or dried out from using this, so it's safe for daily use if you need it that often. For me, the money is worth it, and I need to repurchase one very soon as I don't have much left. I would highly recommend this fantastic brush cleaner to you all. It'll change the way you clean your brushes.

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