Monday, 24 March 2014

Holy Grail Product: Shavata Eyebrow Pencil in Dusk

Left swatch: Using a heavy hand, Right swatch: Using a lighter hand

It's hard to find a beauty product that you wholeheartedly adore. Something you do actually use on a daily basis, and that you've never strayed from. It's rare but it happens. My holy grail product for my eyebrows is the Shavata Eyebrow Pencil in Dusk (£9.50). It's a double-ended pencil, with another shade called Dawn on the opposite end, but it has too much of a reddish tinge for my hair colour and skin tone. Dusk is a cool-toned medium brown, and depending on the pressure you use when applying it, you can achieve a few different shades, ranging from light to dark. This means you can also create different looks for different occasions: you could use a more heavy hand for a dramatic drag look, or a lighter hand for a soft, natural day time look. I would go inbetween for a night out, not too heavy but not too light. As we all know, your eyebrows frame your face, and adding some definition can really pull your make-up together and make it look 'finished'. My eyebrows will grow out to become bushy monsters if left to their own devices, so the hairs are dark, but I still feel that they can look sparse inbetween the individual hairs. Using the Shavata brow pencil means I can add in a bit of colour, and give my already rather highly-arched brows some extra definition. I feel like my eyes are naked if I don't pencil in my brows just a little bit. The consistency of the product is more pencil-like than waxy, but there is still that little bit of waxiness which means that it will stay put all day long. When I say it will stay put, I mean it really doesn't budge the whole day. I can apply this in the morning and my eyebrows will still look the same by the time it's night. Don't get me wrong, if you were to rub your eyebrows, it would smudge, so just make sure to steer clear of doing this. There is no need to set this with a powder, sealing gel, or anything of the sort but you can take that extra step if you so wish. Another fantastic thing about this product is that it lasts for ages. This is probably my most used item in my collection, and I've had it for well over a year. Yes, it has went down significantly, but I don't feel like I have to rush out right this instant and buy another one. There's still plenty left to do another good while, and for it's price, you really are getting your money's worth. It doesn't even bother me that I am completely wasting the other end. For how fantastic this eyebrow pencil is, it doesn't matter - I can always give it to someone with a more suitable tone and hair colour. If you have dark hair especially, I would highly recommend this product. I can't say anything negative about it, infact all I can do is gush over how amazing it is.

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