Friday, 28 March 2014

SPRING: Eyeshadows (feat. Chanel, MAC & more)

Swatched L-R: (Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Epatant, L'Oreal ColorAppeal Eyeshadow in Golden Rose, Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Sippin' n Dippin', MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, NARS Eyeshadow in Nymphea, L'Oreal Color Infallible in Goldmine, Bourjois Color Edition 24H in Or désir, Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mono Eyeshadow in Precious Rose)

Continuing on with my Spring series, today I'm showing you some eyeshadows that will work beautifully with a Spring-time look. I'd rather wear subtle and delicate-looking eye make-up for this season, especially when the weather gets warmer. I don't want a heavy slate of make-up on their face when the sun's shining. The eyeshadows featured in this post are ideal for when you want to achieve a minimal but fresh make-up look. Ranging from cream to powder and matte to shimmery, there's something for everyone here. I've also made sure to include both low to high-end picks, as I know everyone has a different budget. It's nice to have a choice. So without further ado, let's dive in!

Kicking things off, we have Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Epatant (4g / £24.00). This beautiful cream eyeshadow has a very unique colour - I'd describe it as a taupe with a hint of khaki green and a golden shimmer. It reflects and plays on sunlight wonderfully as you can see in the swatch above. If you're looking for luxury, you'll get it with the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre range. The texture of these are velvety smooth and a joy to apply on the eyes. You can wear them on their own or as a base for a powder shadow over the top. To really see the true beauty of these, I'd recommend wearing them on their own. If you're looking for something pretty but neutral, L'Oreal ColorAppeal Eyeshadow in Golden Rose (24M / £5.99) could be a winner. You guessed it - it's a rose gold colour, with flecks of gold shimmer sheen. To bring out blue eyes, go for this. Still going with the theme of unique and unusual colours, I've chosen this offering from Benefit. Their Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Sippin' n Dippin' (4.50g / £15.50) is a rusty peach shade, which has gold and purple-pink tints, depending on how you look at it. It's unlike any eyeshadow I have in my rather large collection. I wouldn't wear this particular shade as an eyeliner, but it's silky-smooth formula gives you lovely ease of application. My favourite of the bunch I've shown today, is MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (5g / £15.00). If you haven't guessed by now, MAC is my all-time favourite make-up brand. Bare Study can be worn in a variety of ways- as an eyeshadow base, an all-over lid colour, or a cream highlighter for the browbone, or anywhere else you would highlight on your face for that matter. It's an oyster colour, with an absolutely divine pearl sheen. I could not recommend this wonderful product enough to you all. If you're new to the world of Paint Pots, start with this. It's a essential for your collection.

For ultimate girly girl eyes, I'd recommend NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow in Nymphea (2.2g, £17.00), which is a baby pink shade. This is one of the only two NARS products I currently own, and I have to say I'm impressed. It offers brilliant pigmentation, and their eyeshadows have the most wonderful, buttery texture. If you're looking to splash out this Spring, try out something from their eyeshadow line. Props on how tiny and cute their packaging is too. Looking for something amazingly sparkly? Try L'Oreal Color Infallible in Goldmine (3.5g, £6.99). It's a golden cream shadow, with lots and lots of gold sparkle. Another one with a soft and velvety texture, it applies nicely to the eyes. You can wear it on it's own or use as a base. Lovely! My second last pick is the Bourjois Color Edition 24H eyeshadow in Or désir (18M, £6.99). This line of shadows have a cream to powder texture, which I would say is pretty accurate. Whilst in my experience, they won't last a full 24 hours, they do last a good half a day. These can be blended out beautifully with a synthetic eyeshadow brush, and are great for when you're in a rush but still want to wear some form of eye make-up. They can easily be applied in less than 30 seconds and blended out with your fingers. Great for people on the go. Finally, we have the Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mono Eyeshadow in Precious Rose (2.4g, £4.49). Another beautiful baby pink shade, this one is obviously more affordable than the NARS eyeshadow. This shade will compliment green eyes especially, but of course anyone with any colour of eyes can pull this off. Comparing it once again to NARS shadow, it certainly isn't as opaque, but it still has decent pigmentation. I've purposefully shown you the two pink shades in particular so that you have an affordable and expensive option. Although they vary greatly in price, they are both fab eyeshadows for this time of year. 

What do you think of my Spring eyeshadow picks?
What's your favourite eyeshadow for this season?
Let me know in the comments!

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BLOG SALE (make-up, fragrance, nails, hair, etc)

The amount of make-up I own and have either never used or have used once when I first bought it, is ridiculous. Decluttering your life starts with decluttering what you own, and a blog sale is a perfect way for me to do that. If you see anything that tickles your fancy, please leave me a comment with your email address and I will email you the payment details. I will reserve items for a total of 24 hours, after which they will be released back for sale. P&P is worked out as per my experience in sending items through eBay and their postage calculator. I will be updating the blog sale with further items in due course. I will post a link on Twitter everytime I add a bundle of new items, so make sure you're following me there! A strikethrough means an item has been sold, and an underline means an item has been reserved. (@glitterb0mb). I hope you find something that you like! If you have any questions about an item, do not hesitate to email me ( or let me know in the comments.

Anatomicals Help The Paw Vitamin Rich Hand Cream (used 3-4 times) - £2.00, Decleor Aroma Cleanse Mattifying Lotion (used 3-4 times, about 90-95% left) £10.00, The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector (used 2-3 times) - £2.00

Victoria's Secret Eau de Parfum Sample Set (brand new & unopened) - £3.00, Beyonce Heat Perfume (used, about 85-90% left) - £4.00

Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Set (brand new & unopened) - £8.00, Neal & Wolf Volumising Lotion (used, approx. 80-85% left) - £4.00

Benefit I'm Glam Therefore I Am Palette - (used) - £4.50, So Susan Wide Awake Palette (used) - £3.00

MUA Starry Night Palette (used) - £1.00

Collection Bronze Glow (swatched once) - £2.00, Urban Decay Loose Eyeshadow in Yeyo (used 2-3 times) - £3.00, NYX Eyeshadow in Navy Blue (used 2-3 times) - £2.00, Pure BB Cream in Light (swatched once) - £2.00, ELF Baked Blush in #D28 (used twice) - £2.00, Beauty UK Line & Define Eye Pencil in Black (used 2-3 times) - £2.00, Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Thunder (used twice) - £6.00, ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in Check Me out (used twice) - £1.50, ELF Cream Blush in Heartbreaker (used 2-3 times) - £2.00, Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in 06 (used 2-3 times) - £2.00

Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Show Off (used, about 90% left) - £1.50, OPI Nail Lacquer Pink Shatter (used once) - £4.00, Rimmel Lasting Finish in Sunshine (used, about 90% left) - £2.00, Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Spangles (used 2-3 times) - £1.50, ELF Nail Polish (shade unknown, light mint shade, used once) - £1.00, Barry M Nail Paint Instant Nail Effects (used twice) - £2.00, Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Hip Hop (used, about 90-95% left) - £1.50, Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Bongo Beat (used, about 95% left) - £1.50

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014


You'll notice that I've recently rebranded my blog as Glitterbomb, rather than the old Glitterbomb Makeup. The reason for this is that I feel like it's time for me as a blogger to expand beyond solely make-up and beauty. Today's post features one of my favourite outfit combos. It's comfy but at the same time, it screams me and I think it's the perfect embodiment of my personal style. I'm both a girly girl but at the same time, a bit edgy. I love studs and spikes, weird prints and leather most of all. Let me know what you think of my OOTD in the comments!

The standout piece of this entire outfit for me is the Edgy Spiked Tiger Sweater (Forever 21, £15.03). It's a super lightweight knitted jumper, which washes beautifully and is one of my favourite items from my wardrobe right now. I absolutely adore the spikes on the shoulders. I think they just make it so gorgeous and unique.

Next, we have the Crazy Bones Leggings (Forever 21, £unknown), which are practical but fun at the same time. I would wear these to work, on a normal day or even on a night out. The bones kinda stretch because my legs are a bit chunky, but I think they still look pretty snazzy on me anyway.

I've always wanted to own a pair of Dr. Martens. My friend has a metallic purple pair which I wore on my birthday night out back in November. They were incredibly comfortable, and they gave me the look that I was going for. I wore a dress and the purple DM's that night, a style which I love. There's nothing prettier than a dress and boots. I went out and bought my very own pair of Doc Martens a few months ago, and have not been disappointed. Mines are the Black & Grey Skulls & Roses print (Schuh, £100). I will say one thing though: they hurt like a bitch on your heels when you are first trying to break them in. Just be warned. Once they are broken in, they will be your favourite pair of boots - I guarantee it. I don't know how I ever lived without these babies.

Would you wear my OOTD?
What's your favourite outfit of the moment?

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Holy Grail Product: Shavata Eyebrow Pencil in Dusk

Left swatch: Using a heavy hand, Right swatch: Using a lighter hand

It's hard to find a beauty product that you wholeheartedly adore. Something you do actually use on a daily basis, and that you've never strayed from. It's rare but it happens. My holy grail product for my eyebrows is the Shavata Eyebrow Pencil in Dusk (£9.50). It's a double-ended pencil, with another shade called Dawn on the opposite end, but it has too much of a reddish tinge for my hair colour and skin tone. Dusk is a cool-toned medium brown, and depending on the pressure you use when applying it, you can achieve a few different shades, ranging from light to dark. This means you can also create different looks for different occasions: you could use a more heavy hand for a dramatic drag look, or a lighter hand for a soft, natural day time look. I would go inbetween for a night out, not too heavy but not too light. As we all know, your eyebrows frame your face, and adding some definition can really pull your make-up together and make it look 'finished'. My eyebrows will grow out to become bushy monsters if left to their own devices, so the hairs are dark, but I still feel that they can look sparse inbetween the individual hairs. Using the Shavata brow pencil means I can add in a bit of colour, and give my already rather highly-arched brows some extra definition. I feel like my eyes are naked if I don't pencil in my brows just a little bit. The consistency of the product is more pencil-like than waxy, but there is still that little bit of waxiness which means that it will stay put all day long. When I say it will stay put, I mean it really doesn't budge the whole day. I can apply this in the morning and my eyebrows will still look the same by the time it's night. Don't get me wrong, if you were to rub your eyebrows, it would smudge, so just make sure to steer clear of doing this. There is no need to set this with a powder, sealing gel, or anything of the sort but you can take that extra step if you so wish. Another fantastic thing about this product is that it lasts for ages. This is probably my most used item in my collection, and I've had it for well over a year. Yes, it has went down significantly, but I don't feel like I have to rush out right this instant and buy another one. There's still plenty left to do another good while, and for it's price, you really are getting your money's worth. It doesn't even bother me that I am completely wasting the other end. For how fantastic this eyebrow pencil is, it doesn't matter - I can always give it to someone with a more suitable tone and hair colour. If you have dark hair especially, I would highly recommend this product. I can't say anything negative about it, infact all I can do is gush over how amazing it is.

What are your favourite eyebrow products?
Let me know in the comments!
Have a fabulous day.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday Shopping List #1

I don't want to do anything on a Sunday. Even the word makes me want to be lazier than usual. I don't want to compromise on my blog posts though, so I'll be starting a new series as of today called Sunday Shopping List. It's basically a beauty wishlist, but with a snazzier title. Being a beauty blogger is a dangerous hobby, especially for your bank account. So what better way to annoy yourself than to post a wishlist filled with amazing things that you can't afford! Enjoy!

My favourite brush of all time is my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, so why wouldn't I want to try another offering from this fabulous brand? I've heard it can make your foundation application flawless when used properly, and I'm always looking for the perfect base. With it's different edges and contours, it's supposed to be great for getting into smaller areas, like the side of the nose.

I've always wanted to have bright pink hair, ever since my early teens. Recently I've took a sudden notion to just do it and see what happens. I've always been too afraid incase the bleach severely damages my hair and there's no way to go back. My hair is very fine and falls out quite a bit anyway, so I probably should never touch bleach in my life. I get bored with my hair too easily though, and want to do something different. I've done my research on this particular kit and for the most part, people are really positive about it.

Moroccanoil is one of those brands that I've always lusted over, but haven't splurged out on anything of theirs due to the price point. There's also the fact that I'd rather spend my money on make-up or skincare, rather than hair products. My hair is dry from the roots down, and it could do with a little moisture boost every now and again. I adore Moroccanoil's packaging too - it's just so attractive!

I've seen a few reviews of this in the past couple of days, and it just makes me want it even more. I love the idea of the sponge applicator, although I'll be making sure I give it a good clean after each use. Bloggers seem to like this affordable offering from Maybelline, and my concealer collection is in a word, lacking.

Have you tried anything from this week's wishlist?
Let me know what you're lusting after in the comments!

Friday, 21 March 2014

SPRING: Lips (feat. Urban Decay, Givenchy & more)

Seeing as Spring officially started yesterday (or so they say), I wanted to share my favourite make-up products that are befitting of sunny days, walks on the beach and spending time outside with your friends and family! Spring colours to me are whimsical and fun, and I think both bright and light shades work fantastically for this particular season. Bring out your best sparkly lipgloss or your boldest, craziest lip colour. It's time to rock the Spring look.

Swatched, L-R: Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lip Gloss in Glitter Rock, NYX Glam Gloss Aqua Luxe in I'm Coming Out, Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet, Givenchy Gelée D'Interdit in Neon Orange, Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Snow Pink, MAC Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Scoop, Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in Jelly Fish (same order as first picture).

Which Spring-time lip colours will you be sporting this season?
Let me know your recommendations in the comments!
Have a fabulous day as always.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

MAC Brush Cleanser

Cleaning my brushes is an integral part of my make-up application routine. For years (and I am ashamed to say this), I would use the same ol' dirty brush over and over again. I was unaware back then just how important it is to take care of your brushes, and that you are infact taking an extra step in taking care of your skin. Dirty brushes harbour bacteria, grime, dirt, oil, old-make-up - you name it. All the gross stuff that you do not want to be putting back onto your freshly cleansed skin, will lie on your brushes until you properly and effectively clean them. This for me, is where the MAC Brush Cleanser (235ml / £10) comes in. A purpley-pink liquid, it provides brilliant grime-busting results and leaves your brushes looking as good as new. The instructions on the back state "apply to damp brushes and work through. Rinse well, reshape and lay flat to dry". I personally use this for spot cleaning and just cleaning my brushes inbetween use in general, but you can also use it in deep cleaning. I apply the product to a piece of kitchen roll, and clean my brushes in that way. I am probably a bit over-zealous in how much I pour out, and as you've seen, this cleanser for some is considered costly. Rest assured though, that a little does go a long way. My brushes have never been damaged or dried out from using this, so it's safe for daily use if you need it that often. For me, the money is worth it, and I need to repurchase one very soon as I don't have much left. I would highly recommend this fantastic brush cleaner to you all. It'll change the way you clean your brushes.

Thanks for reading. I hope this review helped!
Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I ♥ me

My relationship with myself, for as long as I can remember, has been in a word, tumultuous. Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember not feeling like I was the same as anyone else. I have always struggled on and off with self-confidence, mainly due to the actions and words of others. This issue may be well imprinted in my genetic codes, maybe I was just born that way. Whatever the reason may be, I've learned to come to terms with who I am and the way I am. My inspiration for writing this blog post is the recent passing of my Papa, who left this world on the 8th of February. It's bizarre to me how something so traumatic and horrendous has resulted in this sudden self-realisation. I can't explain why it has caused me to feel this way, but it has. He told me not long before he passed away to just get on with my own life, and forget about what others have to say. I have always put on the facade that I quite frankly don't give a shit about what those closest to me have to say, but deep down, it affects me and it hurts me. Since my early teens and onwards, I have been brought down for my weight, my personality, the way I dress, the way I look, the make-up I wear, the people I associate with and countless other things. I want those of you who are reading this, who have experienced what I have, to know that it isn't okay for you to be made to feel this way. Strangers words' mean nothing to me - there is no substance to them. When these words come from someone you love though, it shakes your core like nothing else I have felt before. How can someone you love treat you this way, make you feel as worthless as they do? I can't fathom the want or desire to treat another human being in this fashion. "You're fat", "you look a mess" ,"you look ridiculous", "look at the state of you", "lose weight" "you're a slut", "you're too fat to be wearing that". The ultimate message in all of this is "you're not good enough."


If I could click my fingers, and magically become a size 8 I would. I won't lie and say that being overweight makes me happy, because it doesn't. I look at myself and feel miserable. My feelings of self-hate over the years have caused me issues that I have to live with now, namely anxiety and depression. They have affected my personal relationships, work, my daily life, walking to the shops for bread and milk. When you think about it, it's ridiculous how much power you give to people, to words coming out of a mouth, without even knowing it. I also came out to family at the beginning of year that I was bisexual. It caused me a lot of hurt, and for the first time in my life, since coming out to my friends at the age of 14, I felt ashamed of my sexuality. I felt so angry that I was made to feel like this. I felt like a bad person, like I was dirty, like there was something wrong with me, and that pissed me off. With age, maturity and with these recent events, I've realised that life is just too damn short to care. Too short to care what other people think of you, say to you or do to you. Live your own life, and love yourself for who you are. Whether it's a family member, a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend or a stranger; let them know it's not okay for them to treat you like this. You deserve better, and so do I. I am a beautiful person, inside and out. I am a good person, and that reflects on my exterior. I owe it to myself to focus on me. To keep becoming a better person with each passing day, to self-improve, to learn, to love and to experience life at it's fullest, and in the way that I deem worthy. I want you to know that if you have been through what I have, then I am here for you, and I think you're beautiful just the way you are. Stop trying to live the life others believe you should have, because it'll never work out for YOU. If you ever need to vent, ever need to talk or need to ask for advice about anything I've mentioned here, you can always find me on my various social media platforms. Whether it's about losing a loved one, feeling as if you're not good enough, anxiety, depression, sexuality, feeling down, it doesn't matter. Email me, tweet me, comment on my blog - whatever. I loved writing this blog post, and I hope my words can inspire at least one person like me, to heed my words and start living your own life. Don't try and live up to someone else's standards, set your own and you'll be so much happier for it. To anyone who has ever hurt me with their words, I forgive you. It's time for you to start loving yourselves too.


I'm doing this for me, and for you Papa. I am so lucky to have had a person in my life like you. I am so lucky to have loved someone like I love you. I know you would want me to start taking these steps in the right direction, and that you'll be proud of me no matter what. I love you.

"Words can’t hurt you. Only your own perception of those words." - Jinkx Monsoon

Thank you for reading. You're all amazing and gorgeous.