Saturday, 4 January 2014


Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! I'd like to apologise for my unexpected hiatus, but I'm so happy to say that I'm back and ready to get back into the swing of things. I've really missed blogging and getting to talk to all of my lovely readers and fellow beauty bloggers alike. Being away for a while made me realise how much I love doing this. 2013 was a pretty crap year - at least for me it was anyway. I'm gonna make sure 2014 is amazing. Sitting around waiting for things to happen is boring! Anyway, enough of this inane babbling, let's kick off the year with a wee outfit of the day post!

Today I went out for lunch at my local pub with my friend and my daughter, so it was a casual kind of day for me. Earlier this morning I got my Forever 21 delivery through the door which I'm basically wearing all of as you'll see in the photos. They are still doing their 50% off winter sale, so get in there while you can. I didn't have to iron these garments since they were new, which suited me fine as I've been really lazy over the Christmas period and have been enjoying long lies almost every day. Oops. I'm back to work this Monday coming though, so I will need to form some sort of routine, otherwise I'll be sleeping through my alarm.

Neon stripes top - £4.99 (sale price) - Forever 21
Electric lips bracelet - £3.15 (sale price) - Forever 21
Pinstripe geo leggings - £6.99 (sale price) - Forever 21
Boots - £unknown - River Island

I used to wear dresses quite a lot, but have recently stopped as I've noticed my arse looks massive in them, to put it bluntly. Leggings and a jumper or t-shirt just look better on me right now, and they're super comfy to wear too. This particular combo that I wore today flattered me pretty well I think. I love my River Island boots but I don't think they'll be unavailable anymore, as I bought them ages and ages ago. If you're willing to trawl through the hundreds of pages on River Island's website, you may just be able to find them though. If you can't, you will almost certainly be able to find boots that are similar in other stores or online.

I hope you all enjoyed this fun, little OOTD post. Leave me a comment below and tell me if you would wear this outfit or not! Love you all, and have a fabulous evening whatever you're doing!

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