Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

Water-based cleansers are all the rage right now. As more beauty bloggers started talking about them, the more I felt intrigued to try one out for myself. It's safe to say I'm I glad I did. I've been using Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution for just over a month now, and I'm happy to say that this is the best cleanser I have ever used. It retails for £9.99 for 250ml or £4.50 for 100ml at The formulation is specifically designed for people with normal-to-dry and sensitive skin. I have particularly sensitive areas in my cheeks and chin, and it doesn't irritate them at all. It's also fragrance free which is great for me as I avoid putting fragranced products on my face at all costs. I apply to my whole face, neck and eyes in upwards motions. Not only does it remove make-up, it also removes dirt and other nastiness from your face. It's amazing seeing the amount of stuff that comes off your face on the cotton pad. I use twice daily, morning and night, as the first step in my skincare routine. The whole process feels so refreshing and your face looks and feels squeaky clean and pampered afterwards.

Yes, it's overly-talked about and yes, you may be sick of seeing the countless reviews about it. Regardless, I am urging you to try this bad boy out. It's affordable, but there are other alternatives on the market which are even cheaper and contain more product, for example, the L'Oreal Purifying 3 in 1 Micellar Solution is only £3 and the bottle is huge! My review is just another one to add to the list to back up how wonderful this product is. I actually panicked when my first bottle was about to run out! Thankfully, the postman brought my new bottle just in time. A massive 5 out of 5 goes to Bioderma from me!

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts on the hype?

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