Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Favourites!

I can't believe it's May already. Before you know it, it'll be Christmas! (...jokes) I have a few different things to show you today compared to the usual make-up & beauty products. Do you share any of my favourites this month?

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation
This lovely foundation gives me medium coverage and is great for concealing my redness. As opposed to applying foundation to the whole of my face, I concentrate this product in the centre and blend out. It matches my skin tone wonderfully. It also has SPF 15 - bonus!

Illamasqua Powder Blush in Unrequited
Discontinued (can't find on Illamasqua site)
I absolutely adore this blusher. It's the perfect, light pink. Be sure to use a light hand and tap off the excess as it is highly pigmented.

Bomb Cosmetics Paradise Lost Candle
I've been burning this candle almost every day. When I'm not using it I like to keep the lid off as you can still smell it when you walk by. It's great at eliminating odours like dinner and is affordable too. It just smells of fruityness. Yum.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara
This has been a favourite of mines for a while now. It gives great length and the brush allows you to get right in to the base of the lashes. To see my review on this bad boy, go here.

Kurt Cobain Converse (Limited Edition)
These are my Holy Grail Converse. My Mum bought me them when she was in Florida years ago.
I'm guessing it would be quite hard to find these online, but eBay might be a good start. They came with regular white laces, but I've changes them to pink ones. They also are meant to be that dirty off-white/brown colour. I've never cleaned these as it just adds to the effect. Unfortunately, I don't know how much these originally cost.

What are your April faves?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love the No7 foundation. Great Post :) I shall be following


    1. Me too! I've been using it a lot. :) Thanks!

  2. That illamasqua blusher is amazing, and so beautiful! I love their blushers xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Agreed! I love everything Illamasqua. Such a shame it seems to be discontinued :(

  3. Wonderful faves and the fact you have Converse in your faves makes it even more Awesome:) xx


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