Thursday, 14 March 2013

MAC Pressed Pigment in Sweet Acting (with swatches)

Hello lovelies!
I haven't bought anything from MAC in a while (shock, horror!) and wanted to try something new. Their Pressed Pigments caught my eye and after seeing them on a few YouTube videos, decided I would give it a go. Mines is in the colour Sweet Acting, which is described as a midtone pink. It retails for £16.50 from

The MAC website says it provides sheer-to-medium buildable coverage which I completely agree with - hopefully you will be able to see this from the swatches. The product has loads, and I mean, LOADS of glitter, which is right up my alley. Surprisingly, there isn't too much fallout, meaning your foundation will not be completely ruined. I tried the product both dry and wet, and definitely prefer the results when applied wet. When applied dry, it gives a sheer wash of pink with the glitter but the intensity is amplified when you wet your brush (or fingers, whichever you prefer). It's not a major difference but you will be making the most of this product, and getting truer to pan colour pay-off.

Above: Applied dry

Below: Applied wet

I know, I know. My eyebrows are rather beastly. They are finally getting plucked tomorrow.
These eye swatches honestly do not do this eyeshadow justice. The photos above also make the product appear patchy. Trust me when I say, it's not at all like that. The following hand swatch is much clearer and better.

Above: Dry swatch

Above: Wet swatch on top/Dry swatch on bottom

My Rating:
MAC is my favourite brand, and I really liked wearing this eyeshadow. If you're looking for super intense colour, these are not for you, but they do what they are supposed to.

Hope this review helped!

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  1. This looks gorgeous! Love the glitter x

  2. It's very girly and pretty ^_^

    Naomii x

  3. Hey lovely - i've nominated you for a liebster award! My post will be up within the hour xxx x

  4. Heya love, thank you so much! Look forward to reading it! :)
    Naomii xx

    1. Here it is sweet x

  5. I bought a few of these too and like them a lot. I like pigments better but the quality of those has gone down lately. Basically I love shimmer!!!!

    1. Which other ones did you buy? I want to try some more.
      I love shimmer too! :)


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