Monday, 25 February 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation

MUA has a new line called Undress Your Skin so I bought two of the products from it to review for you all. Today's review is on the Illuminating Foundation, currently priced at £3. You can get it here. This price is an introductory offer, giving you a saving of £2, so grab it while you can. This foundation comes in 3 shades: Porcelain, Beige and Golden. Albeit not a large choice of shades, the Porcelain shade did match my skin tone just fine.

The foundation gives you light/light-medium coverage, so my blemishes and imperfections needed something extra. The description on the MUA website claims that it does cover such things - perhaps this is the case for very slight problem areas. I honestly wouldn't say this product made my skin particularly illuminated, but I still found it wearable. It's something I would be happy to wear on a day to day basis. It didn't make my dry areas drier, which is lovely. The packaging is simple but still pretty. As the day went on, the product faded first in my oily areas, as foundation normally does on me.

Overall, this product is not bad but is not anything wonderful. It's maybe worth a shot buying it and trying it out for yourself due to the cheap price. Let me know if your results differ from mines. Products can work differently on different people!

(Yes, my eyebrows need plucked/groomed)

My Rating:

An average foundation for an average day.

I hope this review helped!

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  1. Would have been nice to see how your face looked without the foundation to see a before and after shot :d but nice review. Gotta try this out :D


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