Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My Top 5 Favourite Mascaras

Hi all! :) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of nice things. I'll be posting a Christmas haul within the next few days. If you're looking for a new mascara to try out, why not check out one of my recommendations?

MAC Zoom Lash in Zoomblack
Full-size: £14.00 / 9g
Buy from here

Benefit Bad Gal Lash
Full-size: £16.50 / 8.5g
Buy from here

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara in Extreme Black
Full-size: £6.29 / 12ml
Buy from here

Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara
Unsure of price / volume (received as gift and site doesn't seem to show prices)
Try eBay or Amazon - just be cautious!

ELF Mineral Infused Mascara
Full-size: £3.75 / 8g
Buy from here

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