Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mallzee: a new online shopping experience

Mallzee is an up and coming website, designed for people who love shopping but adds something a little bit more special for the user. The concept is that you create your own personal shopping store. This is achieved by selecting your favourite stores from the 200+ list that have signed up. Mallzee's software then customises and selects products that are suited to your own individual preference. Their site also says that you can chat with friends, get discounts and earn money when people buy from your own 'store'. Sound good?

By going to their website now and signing up with just your email address, you can receive an exclusive prelaunch invite and be one of the first to use Mallzee later on in the year. If you help spread the word, you could also win prizes. I'm definitely excited for the opening, and I hope you will join me there too. :) A big benefit of signing up today is being entered into their current competition to win £100! The site would be a perfect opportunity for fashionistas and the like to network with like-minded people. The platform also allows you to browse friends' online wardrobes - good for those of us who need a little extra inspiration!

You can have a look for yourself here or check out one of their social networking sites for more info and updates.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you there!

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