Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Personal Update #2

I'm back with another quick update! I was planning to post some reviews but I'm absolutely loaded with the cold so I'll need to hold off for a bit.
I've also been really busy with study for college assessments - it's been the only thing on my mind! I sat my depilation assessment today but I haven't received my mark yet.
I'm feeling pretty confident but I'll just need to wait it out. As long as I get more than the pass mark then I'm fine with that.

At the weekend my boyfriend and I stayed at a lovely hotel in Glasgow called CitizenM for our 2 year anniversary (which is today!). We went for a lovely dinner at the Red Onion and it was amazing.

I have my manicure/pedicure assessment for Nail Care this Thursday, which I'm absolutely dreading. I really need to practice.

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments. :) I promise I'll try to get some reviews up soon!

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  1. Happy anniversary :) And good luck with your assessments, nothing more stressful than planning for assessments and exams but its all worth it in the end. Im a new follower of your blog x


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