Sunday, 14 October 2012

MAC x Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass in Little Rock

Sorry for not posting in a few days, I just haven't found the time. The MAC / Marilyn Monroe collection is onsale in the UK now, but there are a lot of items that are sold out. I'd recommend buying something ASAP to avoid disappointment! I really wanted one of the lipsticks but every colour was sold out. I'm really hoping that they produce more for Christmas.

£18.50 / 1.92g

Little Rock has an off-white colour when first swatched but once you apply and blend it out, it becomes a clear gloss with lots of silver glitter. It felt tacky as with all the Dazzleglasses I've tried, and lasted just over an hour on me. I honestly don't know how people get hours and hours upon end of wear time, but hey ho. Compared to a regular Dazzleglass, it's more expensive and you get less product - A regular one contains 2.4ml and costs £17.00. I personally didn't mind paying the extra because I wanted at least one thing from this collection, but it may put others off. It has the usual sweet, vanilla scent which I love. The packaging as you can see in the photos is gorgeous and is a real must-have for collectors and fans of Marilyn. This gloss would also be gorgeous over any lipstick shade. The other Dazzleglass in this collection is Phiff!, which is a repromote, so you may already have it.

I hope this review helped, and that you had a great weekend!
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  1. I love this MAC / Marilyn Monroe collection , unfortunately here in Spain i think is not onsale, at least in my town :(

    would love if you could enter and have a look to my blog, i'm new!

  2. I thought this collection was international. Why don't you try on the MAC website? :) x


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