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August 2012 Glossybox

August 2012 Glossybox ♥

Hi guys! I hope you all have had a great beginning to your week. I had a driving lesson today which I really enjoyed so my day has been quite good so far. Sorry for neglecting the blog a bit. I just haven't found anything to post about. I received my August Glossybox this morning so there's no excuse for me not to post a quick overview! Let me know what you got in yours if you get a Glossybox too. I received everything that was in this month's 'menu' so maybe everyone got the same thing this month. As always, just click on the images to see them in full-size. Let's go!

The box and menu. This month's theme is International Superstars:

Details of what's inside:

First Product (Germany):

Alessandro Pro White 10ml
Full-size: RRP £7.85/10ml
Optically brightening effect nail polish with anti-yellowing formula for radiant white and gleaming nails.

My nails still haven't grown back in, so I'll give this a shot once they have. I feel as if there's no point in doing anything to my nails right now because they're so short. This product seems like a nice idea, so I'm happy to try it out. Full-size products are always great!

Second Product (Japan):

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 30ml
Full-size: £18.50/200ml
This revolutionary water-soluble cleanser is better than any other make-up remover you've ever tried.

As I've mentioned before, I don't switch up my skincare routine, so this one is a miss for me. I'm sure it would be great for someone who is searching for something they could add to their routine permanently.

Third Product:

All For Eve (For The Eve Appeal) Eve's Balm 7g
Full-size: £4.95/7g
Eve's balm is an easily absorbed recovery balm to nourish dry, chapped skin.

This is the second full-size product which I'm really pleased with. This has a lovely lavender smell, although it has mint and chamomile in it aswell. I don't use balms for my body but I would definitely use it on my lips if it was safe. I'll need to do some quick searches and see if it is. It also has a cute, little mirror on the inside.

Fourth Product:

Vera Valenti L'ombre à Paupière Margarita
Full-size: RRP £3.85
An eyeshadow palette offering a selection of ten different colours with an applicator included.

As you can see I've already tested some of the shades with the applicator provided, which in all honestly felt cheap and poor quality. The little mirror in the middle had also fallen out (you can see some of the glue residue on the white plastic bit on the outside of the darkest brown colour). I actually do really like the colours in this palette, but when I applied the two that I tried the pigmentation was below par for me. I will try it again with my eyeshadow brushes and see if this makes any difference.

Fifth Product (UK):

Lipcote 7ml
Full-size: RRP £3.99/7ml
The Original Lipstick Sealer and secret of long lasting, feather fade and water resistant lipstick.

I LOVE this product. I used to use it years ago and it really does work amazingly. It smells rather strongly of chemicals but I love it nevertheless because it's nostalgic to me. I wore it today and it kept my lipstick in one place for hours, even through eating and drinking.

Sixth Product:

Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink
Full-size: RRP £9.50/4g
Professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamourous lips with a luminous, long-lasting colour

I'm assuming this product is a bonus because it's by Glossybox. I wore this today along with the Lipcote and the two worked great together. The colour is a rosy pink, but has a slightly deeper tone than your regular rosy pink colour. It's really shiny too and looks lovely on the lips. This is my favourite product of the box.

Overall, I'm happy with this month's box. There are at least 3 products in here that I would definitely use - being the eyeshadow palette, Lipcote and lipstick. I'm filming a tutorial for my YouTube channel tonight so I'll post later with the links and all that good stuff. You can visit my channel at: www.youtube.com/user/glitterbombmakeup. Please support my YouTube channel and my blog by spreading the word to your friends and family.

Naomii xo

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